Nick Giedris

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Full-Length Plays
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The Aftermath (3M)

2017, Drama

Thomas and Peter have invited Kevin (Thomas's ex) to their apartment after attending Kevin's mother's first book reading. A writer himself, Kevin hadn't seen his mother since discovering her body more than a year earlier when she attempted suicide, and he's struggling to accept her sudden success while his book about the same experience remains unpublished. Against the backdrop of Thomas's ongoing battle in the apartment building and Peter's struggle to return to work, THE AFTERMATH unfolds in real time, exploring complex interpersonal dynamics and the fragility of the human psyche, ultimately building to a shocking climax and uncertain conclusion.

BrotherSisterKidnapCaper (6M, 3W)

2013, Comedy

High-strung Kelly is already in a huff that her boyfriend, Jeffrey, forgot their seventeen and a half month anniversary (due to his mother's burst appendix) when her younger brother, Brian, decides to spill the beans about his secret romance with Jeffrey after learning Jeffrey’s plans to dump him. The unlikely sibling duo team up for revenge against their mutual boyfriend, determined to let no one get in their way, including their pot-smoking dad, his call-girl (and her husband), Brian’s blind girlfriend, and Kelly’s two therapists.

Smile (5M, 1W)
2012, Seriocomedy
An upcoming wedding fuels this high-energy story featuring a quirky cast of three brothers (one gay, one straight, one asexual), two troubled relationships, and one very creepy voodoo doll. As characters confront their insecurities and limitations, Smile explores the shifting fabric of occasionally trying, often hilarious interpersonal dynamics.

Bless You (4M, 3W) 

2011, Drama

Bless You helped me reach the semi-finalist stage of Juilliard's Playwrights Program in 2012. It was also a semi-finalist for the 2014 Stanley Drama Award.

A loveable twenty-something struggling to make his mark on this world; a middle-aged man haunted by memories; a charming sociopath haunted by nothing. Provocative, heartbreaking, and ultimately unsettling, Bless You builds into a full-blown psychological drama exploring guilt, memory, and the limitations to truly knowing the people around you. 

Christopher Bram, author of Father of Frankenstein (which was turned into the Academy Award-winning film, Gods and Monsters) says, "This is a very strong play, with great verbal energy and rich, complicated emotions."

Edmund White, prolific author and literary critic, adds, "It begins in such a slight, comic way and then it builds and builds into something monstrous...It's very powerful and partly because we don't at all see it coming. Well done!"

Corkscrews & Condoms (7M, 5W)
2008, Drama
Set in a small college town, Denny is adopted into a group of brazenly unapologetic friends. As Denny grows increasingly smitten with Trevor, the group's ring-leader, Trevor grows increasingly self-destructive after a misguided affair with a professor ends abruptly. Struggling to maintain his usual charisma beneath a rapidly deteriorating psyche, Trevor questions his choices, his relationships, and his life.
Personal Motive (4M, 4W)
2006, Drama
A non-linear structure propels this tense psychological drama of an adopted teenager struggling to adapt to life with a new family.