Nick Giedris

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Musicals (libretto only)

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Laplaya (5M, 4W, Ensemble)
2012, Musical Comedy
Mike and Janet Fisher are a married, musical comedy writing duo who haven't had a hit in years when they accidentally wash ashore Laplaya: a small, isolated tropical island ruled by a crazy, despotic King obsessed with American musicals and precise scheduling. Under the threat of death-at-any-moment, they must write a musical celebrating The King's glory. As they struggle to please The King, Mike and Janet are brought into the lives of the island's quirky inhabitants and finally forced to face their own relationship woes. Laplaya is a story of connection, taking chances, and the eternal power of love.
Foot in the Door (3M, 4W, Ensemble)
2007, Musical Comedy
Set in a comic dystopia where actors aspire to become waiters, Tommy hopes to break into the big-city restaurant world but is forced to scrape by performing musicals. When dance-related foot issues bring him to a doctor-turned-love-interest, he has to break the news to his overbearing, foot-phobic mother that his new boyfriend is a Foot Rehabilitation Specialist. She storms into town to "save" Tommy from his new hooligan lifestyle but unexpectedly grows smitten with an up-and-coming waiter: a rising star with foot "issues" of his own. Will Tommy return to his small-town roots? Will love win out? Will dreams come true? (And why does Mom hate feet so much?) Foot in the Door is a fun, light-hearted story of acceptance, big dreams, and finding love where you least expect it.