Nick Giedris

"A Jan in the body of a Marcia. No, an Alice in the body of a Greg."

Select One-Act Plays

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Once More with (Divergent) Feeling: A Play in Two Scenes (3 characters, any gender; 10min)

2019, Drama

A bubbling Alex meets Tracy for the first time, days after Tracy is nominated for a major acting award. Three months later the scene begins again exactly as before, but with a major tonal shift after Tracy has been credibly accused of sexual misconduct.

The Phlebotomist's Dream (1M, 1W; 10min) 

2017, Comedy

Lilly, a goth-influenced young woman who is fluent in deadpan, is at the doctor's office, where she encounters Phil, a down-on-his luck phlebotomist whom Lilly mistakes for her doctor.

The Big Move (1M, 2W; 10min) 

2015, Drama

It's moving day, and Jenna is ready to start a new life with her boyfriend, David. But when David arrives, things take a startling turn as it becomes clear that this new life, and David, aren't what they seem.

Mirror, Mirror in Your Hand (1M, 4W; 10min)

2014, Comedy

A new roommate's odd behavior put two friends on edge. But is he just what the (love) doctor ordered?

Salon Foil (1M, 4W; 10min)

2013, Comedy

It's another crazy day in Betty Rae's make-shift salon, featuring strong women, sharp tongues, and very big hair.

Scratch the Itchy Forebrain (2M; 10min)
2012, Comedy
Derek and Jonathan's light-hearted discussion turns emotionally heightened at the prospect of bedbugs.
A reading of this play was done in August, 2013
Break, Revisit, Revise (1M, 1W; 20min)
2011, Dramedy
Theresa and Bobby are a young couple experiencing the complexities and shifting dynamics of an open marriage.
A workshop version was produced by Blowout Theatre Company in 2011