Nick Giedris

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Playwright Bio

I am a New York-based playwright whose work ranges from probing, naturalistic drama to over-the-top farce and satire and even to musical comedy. No matter the genre, my goal is the same: an audience genuinely moved to laughter, anger, mourning, revelation, self-questioning. When the curtain drops and the house lights come up, I want people feeling something they weren’t when they first took their seats. Having studied psychology, philosophy, creative writing, and acting, I'm obsessed with the human condition; character development is always top of mind in whatever I write.

While my production history is admittedly thin/light/[insert euphemism here], my full-length drama, Bless You, was a semifinalist for the 2014 Stanley Drama Award. In 2012 I was a semifinalist for The Lila Acheson Wallace American Playwrights Program at The Juilliard School.


Dramatists Guild of America


Bless You           

Production History

Scratch the Itchy Forebrain    

Break, Revisit, Revise          

The Shirt                

The Secrets of the Walls  

Plays Written

Once More with (Divergent) Feeling: A Play in Two Scenes

The Aftermath

The Phlebotomist's Dream

The Big Move

We Three Boyfriends        

Mirror, Mirror in Your Hand  


Salon Foil                           




Scratch the Itchy Forebrain 

Bless You                         

Break, Revisit, Revise        

The Shirt                              

Corkscrews & Condoms    

Foot in the Door               

Personal Motive            

The Secrets of the Walls    

2014          Stanley Drama Award (semifinalist)

2013          Evening of Short Play Readings (NYC)  

2011          Blowout Theatre (NYC) 

2011          Blowout Theatre (NYC) 

2007          Premiere Theatre (VA) 

2019          One-Act (drama)

2017          Full-length (drama)

2017          One-Act (comedy)

2015          One-Act (drama)

2014          One-Act (comedy)

2014          One-Act (comedy)

2013          Full-length (comedy)

2013          One-Act (comedy) 

2013          One-Act (dramedy)

2012          Full-length (seriocomedy)

2012          Full-length (musical comedy)

2012          One-Act (comedy)

2011          Full-length (drama)

2011          One-Act (dramedy)

2011          One-Act (comedy)

2008          Full-length (drama)

2007          Full-length (musical comedy)

2006          Full-length (drama)

2006          One-Act (drama)

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