Nick Giedris

"A Jan in the body of a Marcia. No, an Alice in the body of a Greg."



I trained at the prestigious British American Drama Academy in 2006. Classes included Shakespeare (Bill Homewood), Modern (David Rintoul), and Physical Comedy/Clown (Mick Barnfather).

While there, I was selected to take part in a series of Shakespearean Sonnet Masterclasses led by legendary co-founder of the Royal Shakespeare Company, John Barton.

I've worked with Paul Wagar on vocal technique, and on vocal performance/technique with Julie Reumert and Gary Green. My voice is a hearty baritone with flashes of tenor and a very strong lower register with deep bass notes; my range extends two-and-a-half octaves, from D2 to A4.


Currently, I take classes at Broadway Dance Center, where I've studied Musical Theater Dance with Lainie Munro and Tap at various levels with Andrea Torres, Marc Albrecht, and Justin Boccitto.

Additional training/skills
There's little chance I'll use chainsaws any time soon, but I've got a few juggling tricks in my repertoire. 

I am also an accomplished Tuba, Baritone, and Trombone player. While the Tuba is my baby (my fat, loud baby), I sadly do not own one. I do, however, own a lovely Baritone!