Nick Giedris

"A Jan in the body of a Marcia. No, an Alice in the body of a Greg."

Video and Production Stills

From HGTV Digital: A hilarious behind-the-scenes look at the House Hunters' "Writers' Room"

From Rose and Pearl Films: Frame of Reference, where I star as a bumbling boyfriend

Some dramatic realness with Matt Koplik


Not your everyday trivia, from

A Marriage Contract, where I clean up nicely:  


photo credit: Ed Forti, 2018

Cuff Me! The Fifty Shades of Grey Musical Parody


Daddy's Boy
Here I am with Tyler (a total pro), playing a vengeful detective/father in:
"Daddy's Boy" by Pamela Scott
Produced for the Dream Up Festival at Theater for the New City 


Backstage with Phoenix Gonzalez during the otherworldly run of: 
"Opaline: A Delirium for a Parched Planet" by Fengar Gael
Produced for the New Voices Project at The Secret Theatre